How can I use the MQW statement in Silvaco Atlas

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I want to use MQW statement in Atlas by Silvaco for a quantum well in my structure. I define the barrier in the region, but I do not know what to do with the values x.min x.max y.min y.max. How does the software know if this material is my barrier?

I want to know what the dimensions are for x .min , x .max , y.min and y.max for my structure barrier by the region statement. In fact, I have 9 barrier . Which barrier should I make in the statement?

My program is below. That is correct?

“region number=3 material=InAlGaAs x.comp=0.19 y.comp=0.40 x.min=-0.025 / x.max=+0.025 y.min=+0.100 y.max=+0.110

MQW ww=5 wb=10 nwell=8 material=InAlGaAs xcomp=0.07 ycomp=0.32 xmin=-0.025 / xmax=+0.025 ymin=+0.110 ymax=+0.230“