How can I make my counter automatic and how do I add a double digit.

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So I'm working on up and down counter and I'm stuck. So I need to make it automatic; in that it goes to 7 and straight starts going down. I have no single clue how to do this. I also somehow need to make it double digited after making it work but I have no idea how to. WELP!
I'm using a 74192, 7447 and other components. Couldn't attach the file cuz the format isn't supported.


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First, it counts to 7 and then counts down. Why do you need double digits?
I think the key is that he will need to add a second digit AFTER he gets the one-digit version working. Most likely, the second version will count to a higher value before counting back down. That way the student is forced to tackle the big problems as two different smaller problems.