Automatic Room Light Controller with Visitor Counter in c code

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hello frds
i need C code for automatic room light controller with visitor counter ............
anybody will help me ........for this project .


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This is not as straightforward as you present it.

What types of materials will you use for your project. What mircrocontroller will you use? What supplies are available to you.

Can you post an abstract description of how you imagine your project?


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Did you think about how you want to RELIABLY count the number of visitors in a room? Where do you get your counter signal from?
I did it once with a IR transmitter and two IR receivers TSOP, long time ago... You don't need a microcontroller for it, you can use a counter IC too.

Or do the visitors have to pass some kind of baffle gate?

I wanted to achieve something slightly different, look at THIS thread...