How can I learn electronic filters better?

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I want to get detailed information about active and passive filter circuits (filters used in circuit inputs and outputs, communication lines and EMI) used in electronic circuits (especially pi filters), which books and / or sites would you recommend on this subject?


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VanValkeburg, M.E., Analog Filter Design, (1982) is the classic work

Schaumann, R., and VanValkenburg, M.E., Design of Analog Filters, (2001) is the posthumous update


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"Filters" in the electronics realm covers a huge spread of applications. And active filters is a broad range in itself. Just looking at all of the information will be a large time consuming effort.
So I suggest that if youhave a specific filter application that studying about that area will be beneficial more rapidly. In addition, some of the folks who appear here on occasion have a great deal of experience and can answer questions very well, BUT they are not mind-readers and so you need to describe what you need to have clarified.