Good books to learn electronic devices and circuits AND digital electronics/digital logic/digital design

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Here are my choices(in no particular order). You can recommend something out of this as well.

1) Electronic Devices and Circuits by JB Gupta.
2) Electrronic Principles by albert malvino, david j bates, patrick e hoppe
3) Electronic devices and circuit theory by boylestad and nashelsky
4) microelectronic circuits by sedra smith
5) Op-amps and linear integrated circuits by ramakant a. gayakwad

1) Digital Electronics by william h. gothmann
2) digital logic and computer organization by v.rajaraman, t.radhakrishnan
3) digital fundamentals by thomas. l floyd
4) digital logic design by mansaf alam, bashir alam
5) digital logic and microprocessor design with vhdl by enoch o hwang
6) digital design by m.morris mano and michael d.ciletti
7) digital logic and computer deisng by m. morris mano
8) digital systems design by charles h roth jr, lizy kurion john

Purpose of buying these books:

1) To prepare for comptitive exams.
2) To have a good book as reference whenever I want to learn something. Having a book physically means a lot.
3) Have good exercises that can help me brainstorm and understand the concepts. More is always not better but there should be enough.

PS: Books like the art of electronics are out of scope. I generally don't like morris mano's books, idk why. That's all.

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One of the best books on digital design, in my opinion, is Digital Design - Principles and Practices, by John F. Wakerly.

I really like Sedra and Smith. I've taught from that book a couple of times and found it quite thorough.

I'm not a fan of the Mano and Ciletti book, which is a shame because I worked with, and took a couple classes from, Dr. Ciletti.

I'm also not a fan of Horowitz and Hill (The Art of Electronics), even though so many people rave about it.


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For my uni study I have 'Microelectronics' by Donald Neamen. It covers a broad range including digital. For practical hands on learning I have Make - More Electronics. A very well written book with 36 illustrated experiments by Charles Platt.
Some good books can be found at second hand book shops. I found a first edition of Electronics Engineering Handbook by Donald G Fink and other old textbooks.
Hope that helps.