How can I know if I am dealing with a loaded voltage divider.

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Consider this circuit;


Now the values of the voltage sources and resistors are not really important.What I want to find is the Voltage at the resitor R;

Now I tried this; Since I have two voltage sources I used the superpostion theorem.I simply removed one of the voltage sources and left the other one active. I first deactived the left one ( Uq2) and this is how my circuit looks now.


Now this is (according to the solution sheet) a loaded voltage divider.And I am not really sure I understand how?What is specifically bothering me is that I am used to seeing the voltage divider in this form;

spg mamu mu jebem.png

Now the way I interprate my second picture is that the voltage source is underneath the R2 in this picture,and I cant move it to the left since there is a node,and I cant push Uo over the node.

Could anyone give me insight on how I should see the voltage divider when the position of the voltage source is a bit "off" the usual? What tip could you give to determine it without having to look alike a "normal form"