How can I find a mentor?


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I have no clue where you are. Look for local clubs with electronic enthusiast. I know forum member Wendy actively participates in such a club but as I mentioned less knowing your specific location Google electronic hobby club near me or electronic enthusiast club near me. That's as good as it gets.



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Update your profile with your location; while Internet mentoring is possible its a lot easier if you're in similar time zones.


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Judging by your other thread, you need to go right back to basics. What you proposed there is not going to work and is potentially lethal. Its categorically the wrong approach and the problem is much more complex than you think.


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Not knowing your current abilities and background, I use books, the internet, and this forum which also has quite a bit of educational material. There are many public domain resources for older editions of electronics textbooks at various levels from high school math, advanced algebra, trigonometry, imaginary numbers, and up to calculus level. Some as PDFs on the net or downloadable, some as used books, some as online reliable information. Even 20 years or older textbooks are still relevant! May not have the latest advances in new component designs but the basics are there and they haven't changed. Many also have the Lab Manuals available. It will require investment in basic instruments, DMMs, Power Supplies, Signal Generators, some basic hand tools, soldering iron, breadboard or perfboard, wire, components, and maybe a basic starter Oscilloscope, and others as needed. Some can be homebrewed and upgraded as funds and needs require. And plenty of help on forums like this for questions. Or, local community college night classes if available in your area. Local Ham Radio clubs even. Just get started and and invest as needed. Ebay has decent prices on good used equipment and you can upgrade as funds allow.


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How can I find a good mentor to teach me electronics? For example, I have an ultrasonic cleaner circuit I want to build and need help with it.
Look for electronics or radio (shortwave) clubs near you and see if anybody there would like to help you. Obtain books. Lots of books. Here is a fantastic starter that will give you enough knowledge to help you do your circuit:

Title: Understanding Basic Electronics, 1st Ed.
Publisher: The American Radio Relay League
ISBN: 0-87259-398-3