how can i convert 24v digital signal to 5v


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. . . if we assume that the output impedances of both families are lower than the input impedance of either

you can do 2 or 3 or more resistor level & impedance PASSIVE matching network
(somewhat as the Zobel network in audio tech. that "matches" loudspeaker impedance (spectrum) from the one available of the power amp. output)

as the logic level shifts are usually "instant" then you basically need a low pass filter that has it's peak at upper frequency or transition limit and still provides enough signal power at lower frequencies for steady levels to hold and not drift inside the logic's specified LOW ... (THRESHOLD) ... HIGH levels

for the ACTIVE translation network you can use comparators (you can set to Src, threshold) --or-- digital power buffers (that have the Src. threshold)

but for several reasons the isolated translation may be preferred
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An optocoupler like the 4N26, since that will convert the levels and provide 5000 volts of isolation. Unless you really don't need the isolation, in which case a series resistor and a zener diode should do the job.


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Very simple. You have 3 options:
A. Use IC's like LM7805 or a buck converter IC.
B. Use a resistor and a zener diode.
C. Buy a buck converter online.