How actually are being checked transformers with osciloscope ?

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Just puting the probe over it and waiting for what exactly on screen? some adjustments on the scope needed?


/i am talking for transformer from LCD monitor.


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It kind of depends on what the circuit is expecting from the transformer. I see two distinct possibilities:
  1. You want to perform an incoming inspection on the parts before they are placed on a circuit board.
  2. You want to perform a functional test after it has been placed on a printed circuit board.
A schematic of the circuit would be helpful in answering your question.


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for example want to see the transformer from inverter part of the circuit.
Maybe you could share a photograph of the board along with the schematic and some indication of what you are trying to accomplish. By that I mean, are you a user with a faulty device or are you a production technician trying to troubleshoot a bunch of devices. You need to be more precise in your questions by writing them in your language and having google translate them, and you need to be more forthcoming with relevant information so we can help you.


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I guess it depends on a few things. Knowing your input and output signals (primary and secondary) and then setting up the scope to view those signals. Low level signals for example may not require use of a multiplier probe but higher level signals will need a maybe 10X probe. Making sure your probe is compensated correctly for your scope. Making sure your scope's time base settings are correct for frequency. Much of what you are asking comes down to knowing your scope's capabilities, features and knowing how to your scope. Matters not what you are measuring but knowing how to correctly use your scope.



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The TS opening post mentions a LCD monitor. So I imagine his monitor stopped working, so he opened it up and waved a scope probe at it but nothing seemed to happen. So then he decided to call for help. I think Google translate must be a bit frustrating to use if you have an electronics problem.


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His scope maybe not work working after ""putting the probe over it and waiting for what exactly on screen"" it on things with it set on 1x


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I think Google translate must be a bit frustrating to use if you have an electronics problem.
That may be true, but I think it is superior to trying to use English in logical (to him at least) but incomprehensible ways. This suggestion has been made before to other posters and it might help, but I don't see how it can hurt.

One more thing: this is post #11 and neither a photograph, nor a schematic diagram of the circuit has been forthcoming. My sense is that we have inadvertently thrown up too many obstacles for the TS to deal with.