Horizon T82 treadmill -- incline motor not working.

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I have a Horizon T82 from 2007. It was given to us for free as the on/off switch was iffy. I replaced it but while moving it in pieces down the narrow stairs to our basement, something happened and the incline feature stopped working correctly.

I found this service manual (link) online for the Horizon T61 (2006). It seems very similar. On page 18 there is a breakdown of the cable that connects from the upper console to the lower pcb. Visually it matches my T82.

Using this service manual I was able to figure out how to get into Engineering mode. Unfortunately there is no information about what is being displayed on the screen. Horizon sent me the attached JPG ("Treadmill engineering menu") which is for the T82 but again it has no details on what is being displayed. In EN91 hardware test mode I see 3 vertical lines on the display with one line missing but I don't know if this is signifying anything. There are some numbers but I don't know what they mean. Horizon had no clue.

I took the incline motor out and flipped it upside down (as pictured) for testing. it is set with one screw thread exposed.

If I engage the up incline in EN91 hardware test mode the incline motor turns and I see 1.25V on B12 (T61 manual says I should see 1.9V but that's for the T61). If I press the down incline button I get a beep from the speaker acknowledging I pressed a key but the incline motor doesn't turn and I see no voltage on B11.

I also see nothing on pins B1 and B2 even when the up incline is operating.

I ohm'd out each pin of the cable from the upper board to the lower and everything is good.

If I exit engineering mode and start the belt, sometimes the incline motor does nothing and other times it spins endlessly). Again this is one thread exposed but the other end of the shaft isn't attached, so I'm not sure if homing can work correctly?

Any advice welcomed.

- T61 cable.jpg (is page 18 of the 2006 T61 service manual) showing the cable pinouts which seem the same as on my T82.
- T82 treadmill engineering.jpg is what Horizon sent me for T61 engineering mode but it doesn't address what is displayed
- ENG91 display on T82.jpg is what is shown on the display when I enter T61 engineering mode.
- T82 upper pcb
- T82 lower pcb, unfortunately it does not have the 5 LEDs mentioned in the T61 service manual (LED4/LED5 supposedly light when the upper board is requesting incline up/down).
- incline motor. Showing the incline motor flipped upside down, shaft not connected.