Horizon Omega S stops after seconds

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Hello! I bought a used treadmill horizon omega S. The seller said that it has a faulty speed sensor. I went into engineer mode and the sensor reads the values. So the sensor is working. Everything works except when I start running it shuts off with a weird noise after 30-60 seconds. Sometimes it takes 2 minutes. But not longer. I uploaded the video to youtube so it's very easy to hear a weird noise before it stops. Maybe someone had the same problem and could
fix it? Thank you!


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Given the effort that has been made to anchor components to the circuit board, I am guessing that vibration is known to cause problems with the assembly.
So the very first step will be a detailed examination of the other side of the PCB to see if any solder connections have broken.
Also, there are several LEDs on the circuit board that are for diagnostic purposes, so seeing them will provide a clue.