Horizon 7.0AT treadmill Console Assistance

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Horizon 7.0AT treadmill Console Assistance
I have this treadmill that the console cuts on and off. The first time the issue occurred Horizon replaced the board, but the second board was having the same issue.

So I started inspecting the board, and the screenshot attached shows what I found to be the issue. This little section is a bank of resistors and one capacitor. With the naked eye it looks like it's totally normal. But if you magnify the area, I use a jewelers loop, you will see some type of green crust on the capacitor that is causing a short. Being extremely careful, I used a needle, I carefully removing the crust from the capacitor. Once cleaned the treadmill was no longer cutting off and on. I thought I resolved the issue, but a few months passed and again the treadmill console was cutting off and on. I rechecked the board and the green crust had come back. Cleaned it again, CAREFULLY, and of today (11/14) its working. My challenge is trying to figure what type of capacitor it is, because I believe it's a manufacturing defect and would like to replace the capacitor and try to figure out what is that green crustiness. It is a good treadmill. It's just that this issue is a bummer. Hopefully some electronics guru in the forum can tell me how to permanently resolve it.