Home alarm in the attic uncontrollably activated. Please help of C1 connecting G to A or G to K

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Dear all and also to Mr. DickCappels, dl324 and Sensacell

I am a beginner and need more guidance for the Home security alarm and because of protecting kids of 4 and 6 years old and I am working so I need a little more help. I will reconstruct my schematics according to (dl324 suggestion) in the attic ( going up there is also not much fun). Figure alarm. Yesterday posted 8/22/2019

Previous problem was After two months of testing everything looked good but, two days ago, I put the unit into the attic and drilled hole in wall also hooked up with charger. 6 hours later it activated by itself...I stopped it by pressed S2... then 4 -5 hours activated by itself again.

Now, I need help of R1 value? And C1= 1uF or 0.1uF that was suggested to Gate and Anode or Gate to Cathode? Please see attaching figure.

Please forgive me for asking too much, I am a beginner and also digging hole in the wall is not that fun. Many thanks from your help! I would like to special thank to Sensacell, he showed me my exact problem and many thank to others as well.


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