Holiday Spirit in the forum!


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Christmas gonna suck this year.No snow,flowers are blooming again while its winter,strange....
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Traveling with the family for Christmas so we opened gifts today. The house is clean and Christmas decorations mostly down. Back to 'normal' head gear for the Chief.

I got some cool old Forest Mims Circuit Cookbook books from my son and a stack of pre-sensitized copper boards from my wife. That is all for the electronically related items anyhow.


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I have had a thread I chose not revive for this year, but for me cooking is a big part of Christmas tradition.
You might find a few others here do as well.

I'm doing a "Christmas pit Ham" I plan to brine it and cook normally with just a few spices.

I did a wonderful 30'+ Turkey for Thanksgiving. Next year I plan to "Brine and Hot Oil" this year could be my last oven "Turkey"

I fed thirteen people and six of them were teenage boys. I don't think they lifted their head between bites. lol

Happy Holidays, Bill.


My Gift to AAC.

Edit: Tonight got home tired and late. No time to cook; so I look over and see a "Cheesy Potato Soup Mix" given to us by some friends.

Boil 4 1/4 cups water; remove and add package.

Then simmer 18 minutes plus as a special treat (My Idea); pull a bag of Broccoli Cuts out of the freezer and cook in the Micro 7 minutes.

Ok, I was inspired by the holidays. lol

Add Broccoli to a bowl and pour "Cheesy Soup" over the top; Salt and Pepper to taste"

Heart healthy and a good winter feast. Makes a Half Galloon.


Edit: Oh, and if you want it more soupy; just add another 1/2 cup of water. Mine needed it.
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