Holiday Gift Roundup

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Hey all, this is Jenn, the technical content director of AAC.
I'm doing an article on holiday gifts to buy for EEs. Soooooo, let me have 'em! What are you guys wishing for this Christmas/Hanukkah? (Links are appreciated)


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I'm going to need one of each of everything;) But in all seriousness what I need is a decent scope and that is not really what I would ask anyone to get me as a holiday gift.

But similar to what Nerdegutta said a cheap DIY kit makes a great gift for people like me or just something like proper tweezers would be most appreciated.

Oh or socks that would hit the spot as well:cool:


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Scope (DS1054z),Standalone 3-d printer, To really finish the Make Electronic book and complete every project and better understanding of electronics.


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I read the first book about half a year after it was published but I do not remember that.
Harry: "What do you see when you look in the mirror?"
Dumbledore: "Socks. You can never have too many socks."

Probably not a perfect quote, but I'm not a perfect Harry Potter fan.:cool: