HMI touch panel to cell modem ... email problem

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OK .... I am building a control panel with a PLC and a HMI touch panel. The talk to each other via an Ethernet connection.

They talk to the outside world via a cellular modem (again Ethernet). This works ... they talk to each other and I can remote into them via a static IP address.

The Touch panel has the capability of sending out e-mails.

I keep getting an error say : RTE-041: Email connection error:

So, my best guess is that I have set the panel up correctly and it is trying to send out an e-mail but he cellular modem is not letting it go through.

So, I tried an IPv4 rule .... public port 465, private 465 ... then 8465 / 465 .... still nothing.

Then I found the SMTP area of the modem ... I tried to enter "" but get an error saying "invalid IP address

Is there a number address ( for the yahoo mail server?

Anything else I should look at or try?

I have included a few screen shots of the HMI software (email client settings) and the router (could not put in the settings gave an error).

Thanks .... Mike

PS ... I am dumb as dirt and know nothing about networking and modems except what I have read in the past week.