glcd touch panel not working!

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    Aug 20, 2016
    hello i am having a problem with my touch panel in my easypic pro V7 with the PIC18F87K22 microcontroler as a default.
    i need a help on how can i connect the touch panel to the board easypic? I have tried the default configuration that's come with the manual but is not working.
    i followed those instruction:
    Touch panel is enabled using SW4.5,
    SW4.6, SW4.7 and SW4.8 switches.
    They connect READ-X and READ-Y lines
    of the touchpanel with RF5 and RF2
    analog inputs, and DRIVEA and DRIVEB
    with RE4 and RE5 digital outputs
    on microcontroller sockets. Do not
    connect additional boards or otherwise
    interfere with these lines while you use
    touchpanel, because you may corrupt the
    results of the readings and get inaccurate
    touch coordinates.
    but is not working with the example code so i need your help on this....