HMI lamp as projection lamp question

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Hi all,

I have a question about using a HMI lamp as a source in a projection lamphouse.
I have an electronic flicker free Arri ballast that is designed to power a 575/1200 watt HMI lamp . These lamps are normally used in film /tv lighting fixtures.
I was wondering whether this ballast with a HMI lamp could be used to replace a short arc Xenon lamp in a film projector lamphouse ?
The film projector is a traditional mechanical one (not digital) that runs at 24frames per second. My question is would I get flicker or strobing ? A Xenon lamp burns at 25vdc (around 45amps for a 1kw) so flicker is not an issue. Is a HMI broadly the same or is the arc AC and if so would I get flicker? Any help or advice will be gratefully received .
Best wishes