High wattage ultra sonic freuency generation 20-200kHz

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I'm wondering what type of materials would be needed to create a device that could generate "sound" waves from the 20-200kHz frequency at wattages from 500w to 10kw. I've read about Tesla's studies on resonate frequencies with his "earthquake" machine and find it very interesting that relatively little energy is needed to create a massive buildup in energy over a period of time using cyclic frequencies.

There has also been theories put forth that sound or ultrasonic frequencies could be used to manipulate stone by either melting it or breaking it up. I would suspect each type of stone would require different frequencies and even variations with each samples densities. This is what I am trying to find out what materials would be needed for generating those frequencies at that high a wattage.

When I studied speakers (non-tweeter/horn) they seemed to basically be linear motors but when stepping up to the higher frequencies they seemed to need less wattage than lower frequenceis and I'm not sure if they operate in the same manner so I'm not sure how a ultrasonic "driver" would even look that could produce the frequencies stated.

If anyone has any experience with this, I'd be very interested in hearing your thoughts on this.


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Some background for you. At the frequencies you are interested in the transducers are usually made using a Piezoelectric ceramic. These transducers act like a capacitor. Note that they move a very small amount because what is causing movement is the change in thickness of the material. I hope this is enough help to get you started. Feel free to ask more questions.