High voltage, High current operational amplifier selection to drive a 1 ampere valve

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I need to choose a High voltage, High current operational amplifier to drive a servo valve with voltage range of +15,-15 and current 1 ampere, for amplification of current in a driver circuit.
1- I have already chosen opa544t, but in it's datasheet specified "2A min" for output current, it's mean that this op-amp couldn't drive my 1A valve?
2- Does anybody have better suggestion, I wonder if you help me?


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No, it means that it is guaranteed to drive up to a 2A load while meeting the Vol and Voh specs.

Obviously, if you run it with no load, the opamp will happily drive the output pin to a voltage determined by the feed back. As the load resistance is decreased, ultimately the opamp will reach a point where it can no longer supply enough current, which is spec'ed to be 2A