High side power switch Connecting BTS716GB Status output to ADC

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I an using BTS716GB in one of my designs and need to connect its status output to ADC of uC.

The ST out is an open drain output so pull up is required. The zenar is 6.1V and it is pulled to a 5V supply.

In this case may I know how to calculate the value of pull up resistor. I have seen circuits in which supply is always more than zenar voltage.

Do I need to take any precautions when connecting to ADC. My ADC reference is at 5V



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The ESD zener is there as a protective clamp and will be open-circuit at 5v - its there to protect the chip if the output should be connected to a source >6v, or, more correctly an ESD spike.. Your 5v pull-up should be sized purely for your uC input current requirement. A 10k is typical here.