High output when connected to motordriver

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Have been struggeling a lot. and need to get help in here.

Have at setup with 16F1509 and a motordriver. https://wiki.dfrobot.com/15A_Single_DC_Motor_Driver_SKU__DRI0042
When i run code with LED at outputs the LED's are function correct, but when connected to motordriver the output do not go high, stays low.

Have 0.1 mA load to motordriver, so MCU should easy handle this.
When i disconnect the wires to motordriver and connect to +5vdc the motor rotates at PWM Speed,
Have test with resistor in parellel to GND to give more consumption,(test) Failed
Have tried diode in series to prevent power to run back to MCU (test) . Partial, works one way rotate.
By logic analyser i can se it tries to set output high for some ns.