HH0 bummer


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I've been on this great AAC forum for a while now.

I've noticed people debating HH0 so many times. I was just wondering why so many people are interested in debating HH0....
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Depends what you mean, with the normal crowd at AAC (including moderators) it is to prevent us from being turned into a HH0 hangout. They are welcome to discuss circuits, but don't expect us to buy the BS and pseudo science.
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To Nanophotonics,

The subject is only debatable if one wants to play endless "what if" games. The HH0 crowd brings nothing but wishful thinking and conspiracy theories to the table. We have yet to see a circuit that might work or a device that does.

They get full credit for persistence, but none seem interested in learning anything useful about science or electronics. It's broken record time every time another true believer shows up to have us make this circuit or that actually work. They are very unhappy with us for telling them that it will never happen.
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