Hey ppl, I’m looking for apps that allow you to possibly draw a circuit and play around with different electronics on it ?

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Jack Reill

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Basically an app that you can draw the circuit and add resisters, switches, relays, different voltage etc. and see the results with different electronics involved. ? Any ideas.


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The app is called a circuit simulator. An excellent one for serious work is LTspice (freeware from Analog Devices, see the post above), but it has a fairly steep learning curve. If you just want to see animations of simple circuits then Falstad might suit you.


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One thing to keep in mind is that most (if not all) of the regulars here on AAC who can help you with circuit design use LTspice when they use a simulator; and sharing LTspice schematics and sim plots is, in a way, the "language" used here when discussing circuits and circuit problems.

There are other simulators out there that might be easier to learn and use than LTspice, but if you want the best chance of getting help here on AAC, LTspice is the way to go. Anything else will put you at a disadvantage.