Hey all need a suggestion with power supply

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I've looked everywhere for this kind of stuff and I didn't find any post or circuit diagram.

I want to power my preamp circuit with a "12-0-12" "1 Amp" transformer
The problem comes here.....
Basically my circuit has 4 dual OP AMPS, 3 NPN bjt's and one relay circuit.

1) So I've taken the 7812 & 7912 (drawn in black) to power the 4 op amps with virtual ground.
2) the other 7812 (drawn in blue) to power the 3 NPN bjt's.
3) the 7805 (drawn in blue) for a relay

So will this work without any problem?? In terms of the following

1) powering multiple circuits with the same power supply,
2) Heat issues (for transformer and voltage regulator's)
3) Sharing the same ground between the multiple circuits {NPN and op amp, [oh btw they both process the same audio signal]}

I have limited room for installing multiple transformers...:eek:
I've looked at the datasheets of op amps, NPN transistors and voltage regulator for the maximum ratings, everything is within the maximum ratings limit.

I want to make sure and get an opinion as I'm a newbie to electronics (I'm a musician) :cool:
I've uploaded the image too..... please any suggestions are welcome and thank you so much for your time and answer

power supply.JPG