DIY Help- Need of tips and suggestion in building bluetooth DIY speakers

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Sathish Nagraj

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Hi All,
I am building Bluetooth diy speakers by checking online videos and websites, i came from mechanical background knows only very little electronics, So please help me for using proper electronic components and its circuit connection. For my build i am using two TPA3118 60w mono with LM2596 buck booster, six 18650 Li ion batteries 3.7V, two 3way coaxial car speaker 500 watt max of impedance 4 ohms, AC adapter of output :12V DC-3.0A,12v self locking push switch, now i need help in buying Bluetooth module and BMS protection board i.e., can i use transceiver module like ex:HM-18 rf module or you suggest any good bluetooth 4.0 module, if it possible then how to connect and use without Arduino, or whether it should be programmed again for only audio receiving or what and also how much amps BMS required, suggest me proper BMS board for 4,5,6 18650 li ion batteries. I have one doubt can we able to use both buck booster and dc dc isolator (B0505S-1W) in this build or any build. Please guide or suggest me with connecting all this electronic component to this DIY build, let me know if anything missed in electronics components should be added or not. Also help me in connection circuits from Bluetooth to buck booster and bms and with power input. Or please give some basic sketches of circuit connections

Sathish Kumar