Help with Logic Circuit (HELP PLS)

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  1. Mahdy Rajabi

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    Dec 8, 2016
    Hey guys,

    Before i post what i need help with, i'll leave my skype if anyone would be kind enough to help me 1 on 1 please do [​IMG]

    Skype: Live:mahdi.rajabi_2

    Im having some problems figuring how to make this logic circuit.

    This is the problem:


    I think i've figured out the truth table, but maybe wrong.


    Hey, im a Computer Science Major from the UK. I had a friend refer me to this website where he said i could possibly get some help in regards of the problem above^.
    I know very little about this subject and wasnt aware of the module till it was introduced to me yesterday.

    I have worked out the truth table for this, but maybe wrong.

    I'll be willing to pay a little amount if anyone can help me, im really struggling and i have deadline within hours.

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  2. wayneh


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    Post your truth table, right or wrong. Someone here can probably help you if it's not already too late.
  3. WBahn


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    You need to provide YOUR best attempt to work YOUR homework problem. We can then try to see where you are going wrong and guide you pack to a good path. We won't just do your homework for you. A good start would be to post the truth table you say that you have worked out. How can we tell if it is correct unless you let us see it?