Help with charging control IC??? How to find a new one.

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I know this is a long shot as things like this are meant to be replaced when they fail, BUT, I have this JBL speaker that was quite expensive and it has stopped charging the battery. I have disassembled it in the hopes that there would be some glaring manufacturing mistake or cold solder joint or swollen battery. However, it all looks pretty good. There appears to be a little 8 pin integrated circuit with the identifier 4835A 6LO1. The internet tells me this is the charging board and it is a separate PCB from the amplifier, has USB ports, DC jack etc... When all the speaker electrics are connected it (the little IC) gets screaming hot, like burn you quick hot. The battery does not charge. Some google searches find parts called charge controller, But there is a little battery management system on the Li-Po battery pack. So not sure what it is.

I'm posting it on here in case there is a way to source a new one of those little chips and give it a shot before I trash the $200 speaker. If anyone has any other ideas to try and save the little thing I would be most appreciative.

Thanks for time to look at this.