Help with board... Please..

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    Aug 3, 2014

    Referring to the images...
    Mass Board Olay.jpg MassageChair.png
    This (massage chair) control board was plugged into 220v by mistake.

    I wish to test the board and CPU to see if it is working..
    I have most of the components, but the limits and motors are in Africa with the chair.
    I am in the USA.
    I believe the motor UD (up down, is a reversible 120vac capacitor style)
    The DC motor MAS (massage) is not known...
    How do I figure out the operating voltage range of the DC motor?
    The motor operated in 3 speeds.. (I guess r8-r7-r6 ?)

    Do I need the motors to power this on without damaging?

    Please can anyone shed some light on this..

    Thanks, Richard