Help with a LCD PCB circuit issue with my Sony camera

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Ricardo Franco

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Hi guys,

Apologies if this is a bit off topic but since this is an issue with a circuit board on my camera I thought a forum like this would be the best place to get an answer .

Recently had an accident with my A7RII and got some water inside, which seemed to affect only the LCD .
Decided to order all the parts for LCD replacement (new cable, PCB board and screen) and I teared it apart .

As soon as I opened it I realized there was corrosion on the PCB board , so that seemed to explain it .
At that point the camera was working perfectly fine except for the LCD .

However, when I try to replace the old PCB board with the new one I ordered from a Sony authorized dealer, the camera does not turn on ! If I remove the PCB then it all works normal again .

Anyone got a clue why this may happen ? As far as I understand, if it's the right part (which I have checked already), it should turn on without issues even if the LCD screen wasn't connected right ? In this case, if the new PCB board is attached, the camera doesn't turn on at all with either the LCD screen connected or not connected to the PCB board.

Any insight on this would be highly appreciated .

Thanks !


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This is the right place to ask your question, Ricardo! Hopefully someone will chime in soon.
I realize you have at least one dead camera but if you could take a clear, hi-rez (and in focus) shot of the affected PCB areas with another, that would be a big help.
Good luck and welcome to AAC!