Help verify the pinouts of an unknown transformer

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I found a transformer from an old ZVS driver circuit recently. But the ZVS circuit in question had no model number and only the words "CGSHOP ZVS-MID-PRO" printed on it. I harvested the transformer from it to use on my own ZVS driver but I could not find the datasheet or pinout of the transformer.

Pins connected together are indicated by dots of the same color in the first picture. It would seem that this transformer is a transformer with a center tapped primary coil.

I measured the inductance of the pins and it came out like this:

L across 1 and 2: 5.787mH

L across 3 and 5: 24.2uH

L across 3 and 4: 5.8uH

L across 4 and 5: 6.1uH

When I pass 1V AC across 3 and 5, and measured the voltage across 1 and 2, it comes out as something like 0.22V?

When I pass 1V AC across 1 and 2 and measured the voltage across 3 and 5, it comes out as 24mV

What is going on here?