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Hello, I am currently designing a PCB on Kicad for a project (link below) and I am completely new to this field.

The circuit consists of the following components:
- STM32 MCU.
- 24v motor.
- 12v motor.
- LCD screen.
- Bluetooth module.
- USB-C.
- Push buttons.

Here are the functions that the circuit is supposed to perform:
- The 24v motor activates when the push button is pressed and stops after 10s.
- The 12v motor activates after the 10s and stays ON until the timer runs out (Timer programmed by the user before using the push buttons).
- When the timer finishes, the 12 v motor stops.
- The user should be able to connect the PCB to a PC with USB-C to update firmware.
- The device can communicate with BT.
- The device is alimented with 240v (or 120v).
- It has an external transformer.

The choice of using an STM32 PCB instead of an Arduino is intentional.
Would it be possible to get feedback on the PCB I have designed?

Thank you.PCB_Design_V1.png


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1) U3 AMS1117-3.3 would need at least 4.6V input to operate properly.
2) Your MOSFET motor drivers will not work as configured. They need to be on the low side. R4 and R6 are not required (besides the fact that 10kΩ is too high).
3) You don't need FB1 if you are not planning on using the analog features of the STM32F103.
4) Push buttons SW2 and SW3 do not have to be connected to 3.3V. I would choose GND and use internal or external pullups.