Help needed to repair Ford Travelpilot NX (2)

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Hey guys

I really hope you can help I have had many issues with my travel pilot NX last on being faulty DVD drive.
I had to take part the unit but once putting it back together and connecting to my Kuga it no longer appears to have any power display and lights do come on. Whole unit seems dead I thought it maybe the two black connectors on the mainboard that attach the the graphics card on front panel as looked like the seating connectors had been slightly damaged so thought it wasn’t soldered fully to board. I did try and add solder but doesn’t seem to of worked although I’m not great at soldering so any advice on that would be great.
Any ideas of what you think could be causing the issue or potential fixes would be amazing.
I have tried to look for a replacement mainboard but can not find any and I don’t know what the two black connectors are called that plug the mainboard to the front graphics panel.

please help and if anyone has or knows of a board going spare please let me know


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Why did you have to take it apart? If it worked before you took it apart and doesn't now there's only a couple possible answers. Either you didn't reconnect something or you damaged something. Have you checked fuses? I've had a couple times where the connector brushed against an edge just right and managed to ground the power pin.

That is about the extent of what you will get here... If nobody else has responded so far it's generally because they have not worked with it and have no clue what to even begin to think could be a problem.