Help needed to identify the specific russian component

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Question to everyone knowing the russian microwave technics, but specially for Bordodyunov.

Just I got a box of high frequency diodes at the hands, made at very end of 80~ies. I want to clarify it uselessness/usefulness.

Each diode is packed in plastic packet what is screwed into between two coloured (red, green) plastic washers of about 50 mm diam and 30 mm thickness, inside the cavity is cotton wool and that packet. Washers are hermetized by paraffin.

The diode itself is sapphyre disc of 10 mm diameter and 2,5 mm thick. The sides of sapphyre tablet is anchoring two plane leads 8 mm long, 3 mm wide 0,15 mm thick and semiconductor crystall is mounted under clear glass tablet glued by resin so that is available to view from downside.

On the tablet by hand are inscripted two numbers one under other, for example 1065 and 8503, next from the same stock has 0712 and 8511, next has 0738 8511, next 0098 8511, next 0351 8504 and so on and so on. Its very similar to kind of military or aerocosmic industry standards.

It looks very expensivish, I guess no-one makes a five-dollar costy package for cheap thing inside. WHAT ARE THEY??? How to find a datasheet. Microwawe diode? Noise diode? Gamma detector diode? Avalanche diode? Tunnel diode? Just high Amperage Gigahertz diode?

I scanned rather carefully all russian web with their own search engines, there are even no a trail about such strange packages.