Help me analyze this EQ circuit

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I have LTSpice modeled the circuit from post #1, added a volume pot at the end. With the gain/vol pots a zero and EQ pots straight up it gives 0db with the HPF.


What I'd like to do is modify the mid to be a 3 knob (gain, freq, Q). I have 2 circuits I'm looking at but struggling to make sense of them: first one is Steve Dove's Designing a Professional Mixing Console, some consider the original bible for this sort of thing. What a wealth of info. Looking at the MID band connected to MF1 (lower right), both the freq and Q have dual pots, and I understand how to adjust the frequency range.

2nd example is from BYOC Parametric EQ. Looking at schematic for that one, the MID looks like this. It only has a dual freq pot and a single Q. But it has 4 op amps compared to the Steve Dove has 3.

Trying to make sense of this and understand what would be good or better.