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Hi everyone,

I would like to understand a circuit. It is supposed to be a driver for a coil that oscillate at a freq around 1kHz and my goal is to be able to fix the value of the inductor, capacitor and resistor to calculate the frequency of the oscillation.

I did some search about oscillator circuits but none of the circuit I saw look like this one (collpits, harley ect...).

Is someone is able to explain how this works? Let me know also if the particular circuit has a name.




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I have my doubts that you can find parts to make this work. I didn't think resistors could be easily fabricated on an integrated circuit prior to the use of MOS transistors. Do you have a part number or a datasheet?
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It looks a bit like a series tuned Colpitts oscillator, but the connection between the capacitor and the inductor should not connect to the positive supply line. It also looks a bit like the Vackar oscillator circuit.