Help interfacing DTMF 8870 decoder with an audio source

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Hi all,
I'm using DTMF audio decoder based on 8870 chip. It's a breakout board that I bought from Ebay like one of these:

The decoder works fine if I connect it instead of a speaker of a desktop phone's receiver. However, the decoder doesn't work if I connect it instead of (or in parallel to) an answering machine's speaker.
I don't have an oscilloscope and can't see the difference in audio signals between a phone receiver and an answering machine's speaker.
Can somebody point out why one works and another doesn't?

Thank you.

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I'll try to explain again since there were no answers to my question.....

DTMF decoder works if I take the audio from desktop phone's handset (remove speaker from the handset and use those leads to take audio).
However, DTMF decoder doesn't work if I use answering machine instead (remove speaker from the answering machine and use those leads to take audio).
Is it a difference in voltages between headset speaker voltage and answering machine speaker voltage that fails the DTMF decoder?
I don't have oscilloscope, only multimeter, and can't really see what's going on with those two audio sources.
Thanks all.


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There is a big difference in microphone level and speaker level. IF I understand you correctly.

Have your got a print on the decoder board?


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Read its data sheet and check the permissible audio input level. A phone earpiece should be around -9dBu (0.25V), the answering machine can be 100 times louder at its speaker level, deafening the 8870.

Try a much lower volume or resistors to attenuate the speaker level; or pick the signal at its volume control wiper instead of at its speaker.