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Do you have a auto wreckers around where you are, if so it may be possible to acquire one, especially if there is a Volvo yard.


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Are there any markings at all on either side of the plug? That can be a big help.

Places to look: of course and, possibly aliexpress and alibaba, and these sites have some common connectors:

The hard part is identifying the brand and model. Sumitomo and Yazaki are common brands, but there are several others. You can take the brands from the sites linked above and google for connectors by those brands and see if you can find yours, if you don't find your connector directly on one of those sites.
Edit --> You can also email those sites above with your pictures, they may recognize it or at least recognize the brand.
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I updated the pictures so you can see the measurements and the keying better. it's for a battery monitor sensor (BMS) from a 2nd generation Volvo S60 T5. it looks like the dimensions are about 1.1mm x 0.7mm Inside Diameter with an outside barrel length of 1.6mm, and I just measured the depth of the connector's opening (no picture) by bottoming out a small allen wrench, and it actually came to 1.8mm, so it appears it goes slightly deeper into the sensor than the exposed connector housing would indicate.

couldn't find anything on those sites that matches.
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If you phone the Volvo parts department they should be able to tell you who the manufacturer of the connector is. From the design it looks to be either TE or AMP(same thing now) and you could check out these guys, they have a large selection. What happened to the old connector? Do you have a picture?

Are you in the US, Canada, UK? I may have one of these in my barrel of wire ends lol.
The problem is that all the automotive connectors have many different keying options. It would be hard to find an exact match without the original part number Deutsch (now Tyco) is a popular choice, they have a great online catalogue, and you can find the parts at digikey. Keep in mind you need to purchase the housing, contacts and wedge separately, you will also have to solder the wire because you wont' have the correct crimp tool.

Might be this one:
List of DEUTSCH Automotive Connectors products DEUTSCH DT | TE Connectivity
If it was me, I would find the same connector somewhere else on the car where it's wire-to-wire, I would take the one I need for this device and replace both ends of the wire-to-wire connection.


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If you do not need to use a perfect replacement part and if you know which wire should go to which pin then you could use the crimp on iserts for Amp or Molex connectors that mate with 0.025 inch square pins. With all of the power off, put each insert on the wire and then slip the insert over the pins. Then you can back-fill the connector with the cheap, clear, instant epoxy, using enough of it to support the wires and insulation. That should keep it water proof and stable.
BUT, as asked already, do you still have the original connector, or was it cut off and discarded, or lost when ssomebody stole the battery?