Help identifying mysterious component in RF power amp

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Dear folks,

I have a broken 75watt Rf power amplifier and I can't figure out what these components are. I have marked them on red circles on the attached picture. It may be related with this circuit having a fast blanking feature (to stop any signal from being amplified). I also can't find any info on the component marked on pink, which has the reference ¨1f13aj fqb 27p06¨. In case it helps, the amplifier is a class AB meant for 1 MHz-100 MHz range.

I would appreciate any help identifying any of these components, as that could take me closer to understand how this thing works, either to fox it or to learn from it.



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The red circled components are resistors, as in this example circuit: tb250.pdf
I can't find a schematic from their examples that matches this one for the SR401 but you can search here maybe you'll have more luck.


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Agree those in red are non-inductive resistors. The pink thing may be a voltage regulator for bias supply, else some kind of transistor/MOSFET driver device. One would need the part number from that to be sure...

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Thank you very much for the replies, wayneh, Yaakov and sagor. Low inductance resistors... I would have never guessed. Knowing that they are resistors will help me a lot trying to figure out the workings of this amp.

@Yaakov, your link to schematics from the manufacturer is very handy. I will go though them to see if there is any similar one.

I don't know why google gave me no results (literally zero results) on the pink component yesterday, because today I could find that the 'FQB27P06' is a MOSFET, as sagor was guessing.

Again, thank you very much folks!