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Hey friends I bought a lot of RC helis from a man that passed away. I have nowhere to turn to try and identify this part. I also have the bare boards and electrical components to make many of these this is the only one I see that's complete.
It looks like a power isolation board or Bec best I can figure any ideas or help is much appreciated.
On the right side of the picture, there is a dual regulator.
RX VSEL would power the receiver with the selectable voltage (RX VSEL - 4.8 or 6v maybe?)
CYC VSEL would power the 3 cyclic servos.
ESC has 3 pins identified (Signal, Power, Ground).



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OK, the pictures did not download in two minutes so I gave up on that. And now I am making a guess that " RC helis " is hobby jargon for "Radio Controlled Helicopters"

RX could also mean the uninstalled resistor to set the output voltage. OR it could possibly mean "Rotor Select Voltage"