Help identify diode.

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I have a related problem with a Samsung 32 inch TV power supply board
My board is a BN44-00604F L32S0E_DHS for a SAMSUNG UE32F4000AW

The TV failed to turn on after return from an extended trip (in 2019)
The 3A mains fuse had failed and as I only had a 5A fuse, I put this in
That turned out to be a bad move, as there was then a small bang from the TV

I removed the PSU board from the TV and established that the on board fuse had blown
I bought a replacement PSU, the TV is now working, but I would like to repair the failed PSU if possible
I feel able to change through hole components on the top of the board, but wouldn't touch any of the surface mount items on the underside

Can anyone help with either a circuit diagram or suggestions of what to look for or test
The on board fuse is directly off the mains input, and then it looks like there is some filtering to a bridge rectifier

Thanks for reading and any help / suggestions