Help Identify a Component

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Donald Barrios

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I spent yesterday the whole day trying to recognize a Component
This component blows up on a PLC Siemens S7-200 216-2AD23-0XB0
It's Ubicate on the Outputs
The only thing I know is from Infineon because has a "i" in it
The other number is -2035
And below M0210Y
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Looks like a dual optocoupler, you could try to measure the remaining channels. Sometimes proprietary branded components are used, even though they are very close to some off the shelf parts. The difference in specially branded parts could be that they don´t have as stringent temperature range or have wider tolerance - you as a manufacturer get cheaper parts, component producer gets better yield on their production and can sell you them for less. Or it also could be the top of the line that has far greater temp range, accuracy, reliability etc., but that is unlikely in this case as S7-200 is the budget oriented line of simple plcs.