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So we have this school project and they didn't quite explain how we're supposed to use all of the instruments. So for example, for the circuit in the picture we're supposed to check kirchoff's laws. I know that the ampermeter is connected in series and the voltmeter is connected in parallel.... I just don't quite see enought places in this model to connect them. For example if I need to check the first kirchoff law for let's say node number 1, i can see that for current 13 i can connect the ampermeter instead of the short circuit....for current 14 i can probably circumvent and touch one part to the resistor and connect the other one through the connector of the voltage source. But, current 12 is baffling me, i don't see where I'm supposed to put the connectors for the ampermeter. In the pictures I sent there is a scheme of the circuit, the irl model and how the resistors look irl. The connectors are what we call "banana connectors" and they have holes in them if we need to plug something in as a parallel circuit. The resistors plug inside of the circuit by using those probe-like legs that you can see in one of the pictures. Up top, I think there are also places where you can touch the resistors for measuring.

I'm sorry if this is confusing, they didn't explain anything and English isn't my primary language... I hope someone can help!

P.S. Sorry for the bad quality, i had to take screenshots off of online lectures.

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You have to break the circuit somehow and insert your ammeter. Looks like the resistor will probably have to come off and perhaps you can use leads with bannana plugs as jumpers to patch it back in with the meter in series with it.