Help for controlling a robot using a webpage

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    Mar 4, 2015
    I am building a landmine detective robot with my group for our third year project. My part in the project consists of building a web page in order to display the live streaming from the cameras and to control the robot. I have already built the web page using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Also I'm responsible for the communication of the project. We are not allowed to use the existing wifi network of the area since the robot is designed to work in war-zone areas where there is no internet signal. I have chosen to use a wifi usb that I have found from Edimax. I am using Raspberry Pi for the live streaming but the rest of the group members are using different microcontrollers for landmine detection and for building the robot. My question is how do I transmit the data back to the web page using the wifi usb? And anyone who has more expertise with the topic please explain the steps that I need to do.

    Thank you!