Help finding a part UN206 - motor driver

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I hope someone can help me find a source for a one of these UN206 a Panasonic “Transistor array to drive the small motor” or an equivalent. I only need a few for replacement parts. I have attached the data sheet for it.

I am by no means an expert but is there a darling transistor array that could be substituted?





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Panasonic has discontinued that device, and I don't see any direct replacement (pin for pin). The closest I've found is an 8 pin quad device that could be wired externally to the same equivalent (and adding back EMF diodes), and that is the ZHB6790.
ULN200x series will not do, as those are one type only, you need a device with both PNP and NPN transistors in it.
There may be other devices, but most are 8 pin or 14 pin for transistor arrays