help figuring the best CUSTOM RGB micro CONTROLLER

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So what im trying to accomplish is to make a rgb led controller such as this in the picture since I didn't know where to start I took this one apart so I can see what components there are. The purpose of this is so that im not limited to someone's design and also if I wanted to change something I could.
below are the functions , im looking to have a similar set up minus some features I didn't care for. I looked online and didn't find anything to what I was looking to do.. ive asked around and arduino mega is the way to go but wasnt sure if there was something smaller that could do the same.i did find the rxb12 for the rf remote fob so I can have it remote controlled. But what im looking to understand is which micro controller could be used for this type of application i understand ill have to get a water proof box because it would be exposed to the sorry if this is a bit vauge maybe I should be asking different questions any help will do .btw what the heck is that big silver coin looking thing its connected a spring. rxb12.jpg