Help Designing the Electronics for a Dog Ball Thrower

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I am building a dog ball throwing and I am needing a little help from you guys if possible on the circuit design. I did take a kick at the design when I started two years ago but fried some components and then life got busy. I am hoping to be able to plug the device in to the wall with one plug and have the Arduino powered as well as the solenoid and motors. Eventually I may add another small servo so that I can change the direction of the ball thrower. I have the list of components I have below and if someone could essentially give me a basic design using the components below and anything else I would need. I would be eternally grateful and happy to pay you for your time as well. If this forum is not the place please if you could point me in the right direction whether it is reddit or elsewhere. This seems to be more of a help learn but I am happy to pay for a service. If this is the wrong forum please let me know and I will take this down.

The basic design is the dog puts the ball in the top where it depresses the switch. Once the switch is depressed the two motors will be started for a predetermined amount of time. Once the appropriate time has pasted the solenoid will activate allowing the ball to drop down the shoot and into the spinning wheels. Ball flies away and everything turns off until the switch is one again depressed. I assume this is rather easy and I was just using the wrong values on the resistors but I am not sure

I have the thrower, motors, spindles and switch all assembled but no idea how to do the wiring now without frying everything. What I have is listed below but I am fine with buying whatever else I need to get it running.- 2x 775 Motor DC 12V-36V 3500-9000RPM Motor Large Torque High Power Motor (
- Power adapter: 120VAC to 12V 3A, and 120VAC to 5V 3.1A, and some others.

- Controler: Arduino UNO

- Solenoid: JF-0826B 12VDC/2A

- Switch: 5A Microswitch:

- A bunch of diodes

- Various transistors, resistors, caps, etc


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How much time is required for the motors to get spinning before the ball drops?
Could probably do the timing without the Arduino.


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Here's a basic block diagram of how It can be done.
The drivers for the motors and solenoid can be relay or mosfet modules activated directly by the Arduino.
Switch starts timers.