Help: 4 bit counter with reset using flip flops & display

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Hey, i'm new in this forum, i have to make a 4 bit counter with flip flops (any type of FF), the circuit must have a reset button so when its pressed the count goes back to 0, also it shall be displayed in 2 segment displays (0,2,3...E,F,0)

I have been researching about this topic for a while and i can't find much information.
I was thinking of using 2 74LS112, in order to have 2 JK Flip Flops & also using a couple of BCD to 7 segment display, but idk how to arrange the circuit for the reset and the rest of it.


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What information are you searching for in your research?

This is a state machine that has a clearly defined behavior. Do you understand the behavior you are trying to achieve? That's the first and most important step.

Next, approach this like any other state machine you have worked through in the text or in class. First define your inputs and outputs. Then define the states that you will use. Then, for each state, tabulate what state you need to go for each possibly combination of the inputs.

As for using a BCD to 7-segment display, that probably will not work because most BCD decoders only decode the BCD values (0-9) and simply output whatever they output for the hex codes.