Hello, I have the problem looking for a solution. (A digital circuit)

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Build a circuit that has two 8-bit two’s complement numbers U and
W as its inputs and a single 1-bit output R, which is 1 when W − U is
negative and 0 otherwise.
You are not allowed to use the Arithmetic and Plexers libraries; how-
ever, an 8-bit adder, incrementer and multiplexer, implemented via gates,
are provided on the design board for your convenience. Feel free to use
them, or build your own if you prefer.


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We don't provide answers for school work. You need to show your best effort so we can see the approach you're being taught and where you're having difficulties.

What simulator are you using?


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Can you please give me some Idea how can I solve this problem ?
If W is 98 and U is -49, what should R be?

How did you arrive at that?

Can you apply that same approach regardless of what W and U happen to be (each between -128 and +127)?