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Hi so i’ve uploaded my issue on this topic before. However two technicians told me that the surge protector would work at the country philippines. even if the outlets are 220v. The technicians said that it would not explode and as well as it would be alright since it only stops anything above 500v.

what is your opinion on this issue? here below is the ratings of the surge protector



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That suppressor starts to clamp at 330 between the line and neutral. A 220 VAC line will have a peak voltage of 220 * 1.414 = 311 volts. IMHO, that is much too close. And I bet the voltage in the Philippines is not all that stable. Find a suppressor designed for you line voltage.


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The Philippines mains voltage is 230Vac, 60Hz, this has a nominal peak voltage of 325V.
The surge suppresser packaging lists a rated voltage of 120V, 60Hz with a clamping voltage Live to Neutral of 330V.

It is highly likely that plugging this unit into a 230Vac supply will result in the operation of the voltage clamping components (MOV, gdt or whatever), causing an upstream fuse to operate due to excessive current.

Even if the clamping voltage were significantly greater than the mains peak voltage, you would be ill-advised to connect electrical equipment that is not correctly rated for the mains supply voltage at the outlet socket.
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My answer remains the same as the last time you asked. Surge protectors are inexpensive so wait till you get to your new location and buy a surge protector designed for use with the local mains power. It's not worth dragging a US specification surge protector halfway around the globe, believe me I played this game.

Enjoy The Philippines, I know I certainly did. Ice cold San Miguel is great with Chicken On A Stick! Enjoy! :)

Here is your last thread. Nothing has changed.

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